LET’S MEET at a glance

“United in diversity” is the motto of the European Union, which implies that cultural diversity is deeply rooted in European history. The heritage of this diversity is particularly evident in the biographies of the most prominent figures of European culture, including writers, poets, composers, musicians, sculptors, painters, designers, and architects. Many were born in ethnically mixed regions and shaped by different religions, traditions, and cultures. This diversity is expressed in their works, which often transcend and synthesize different elements to create new values. These artists have made cultural diversity their most powerful weapon, transferring ideas and artistic motives across borders in Europe. Central and Eastern Europe, distinguished by its cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity have created exceptionally favorable conditions for the development of these figures, who often migrated to Western Europe, spreading their cultural diversity and significantly contributing to the construction of the European Cultural Community and Civic identity. The LET’S MEET project aims to disseminate knowledge about these personalities, contributing to strengthening the idea of the European Civic Identity and cultural awareness of EU citizens. How? Through a mini-series of podcasts dedicated to the greatest personalities of European culture from Central-Eastern Europe.

What’s in a name?

LET’S MEET – Multimedia Stories of European Multicultural Personalities – represents a virtual encounter of culture, traditions, and religions that travel across the European borders and meet each other creating a European Cultural identity.

All podcasts produced in the course of the project are available for free redistribution with an appropriate acknowledgment. If you wish to include any of the podcasts at your website, please contact office@kew.org.pl