Antal Szerb

Antal Szerb was a Hungarian writer and essayist born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1901. Antal Szerb came from a Jewish family, even if in 1907 he was baptized, along with his father, as a Catholic.  In 1920, he enrolled in the Faculty of Humanities at the Pest University. Some of his greatest works belong to the 30s; just to mention a few;  ‘The History of Hungarian Literature “” Pendragon Legend” and “Journey and Moonlight”. Despite his Catholic baptism, Antal Szerb was still considered a jew by Hungarian law, due to this, his publishing opportunities were soon reduced until he arrived at the ban of his books. In 1943, he began to do labor services, first in Fertőrákos and then in Balf. He died in Balf on January 27, 1945.

Topic: Poetry
Duration: 00:19:07