Wanda Rutkiewicz

Jan Bulhak

Jan Bulhak was born in Astašyn (Grodno Region, Belarus) in 1876. He was a prominent photographer, an artist, a critic, and a journalist. He became famous for his artistic and often moody photographs of Vilnius (Lithuania).

He started studying philosophy, but he quit after two years. Bulhak became interested in photography unexpectedly and he started to take photographs in 1905. However, almost all his negatives got burnt during the Second World War. He started to photograph Vilnius, his city, destroyed by the war. Bulhak died in 1950.

André Kertész
André Kertész (1894-1985) Because of his contributions to photographic composition and the photo essay, André Kertész is widely regarded as one of the most influential photographers in Europe. Kertész emigrated to Paris in October 1925 to become a professional photographer. Critics around the world have acknowledged his legacy as an eccentric and influential photographer, and it is undeniable that his work as a photographer is now fully appreciated.

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