The motto of the European Union is ‘united in diversity’. Cultural diversity is deeply rooted in European history. Unfortunately, awareness of this phenomenon is still not sufficient in the European Union. This heritage of diversity is expressed particularly well in the biographies of the most prominent figures of European culture, including writers, poets, composers, musicians, sculptors, painters, designers and architects. Many of them were born in ethnically mixed regions. They were shaped by different religions, traditions and cultures. This diversity is expressed in their works, which often transcend and synthesize different elements in order to create new values. Therefore, these characters contributed to the transfer of ideas and artistic motives and the crossing of borders between nations and states in Europe and spread of innovative ideas. Central and Eastern Europe, distinguished by its cultural, ethnic and religious diversity, has created exceptionally favorable conditions for the development of artists who merged different cultures and traditions. They often migrated to Western Europe, where they created their greatest works.